Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mami and Papi

Mami y Papi

Today I heard the most beautiful sound… We went to drop Daniela off at my mom’s, her father Daniel is a wonderful cook. He made soup for us all, we sat, ate, talked and had a wonderful time. Daniela has been particularly clingy and she was adorable as always, in spite of being exhausted. When it was finally time to leave, Daniel surprised me, surprised us all, when he told Daniela, “Kiss Mami and Papi goodbye…” My heart skipped a beat. It was such a beautiful sound. It was the most beautiful thing I had heard in a while. I realize I cannot let the hope in my heart carry me away, but I enjoyed the moment thoroughly nonetheless.

Earlier while we were all talking, Daniel told us that his eye sight is getting worse. That he doesn’t go out at night because he can’t distinguish things in the dark. As his health gets worse, I know he is thinking more of Daniela. Please say a prayer with us that Daniela can be taken care of. 

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