Friday, March 9, 2012

Fasting and Prayer

Our family will be having a fast and prayer tonight because another opportunity to adopt Daniela has presented itself. We believe strongly in the power of prayer and fasting. We are praying to have the Lord guide this process and support all of the adults in Daniela's life to do what is in her best interest. That our hearts will be touched and illuminated in what the Lord would have us do. We invite you to join our family in fasting and prayer. We know there is strength, comfort and illumination when hearts and spirits are united in fasting and prayer. Our hearts are tender and full in gratitude and supplication. Thanks for being part of our miracle in adoption.

Heart felt thanks,

Glen, Claudia and the boys...


  1. We will most definitely be joining you! I so hope it works out for you. Much love!

  2. Thanks Stacia! We will take prayers anytime... Hope you, Nate and the kids are doing well!

  3. Oh, I so hope it goes through! I will definitely be praying for you. She so looks like she belongs to you!